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Your vehicle’s dashboard has a variety of lights that turn on when there is an issue with your car. BecauseĀ  contemporary cars and trucks consist of even more technology and electronic functions than ever, there can be numerous factors a dashboard light turns on, making it hard to find out which part of your automobile is having issues. If one of these lights turns on while you are driving, it can be a peril. When it comes to auto diagnostics, it is vital to have an expert in your corner when one or more of your dashboard lights activates. We at KEAN Auto Services in Courtenay are those automobile repair experts.

What do all the lights on my control panel indicate?

Here is a brief explanation of what each of your dashboard lights means:

  • Oil Pressure Light

This light means there is an issue with your vehicle’s oil pressure system. There is either an inadequate amount of oil in your car or your oil pump isn’t distributing sufficient liquid to oil the surfaces inside your car or truck correctly.

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light

This light signals that the stress in numerous of your tires is either too high or too low. Driving with tires that have low or high pressure can create more damage to your automobile, so it is very important to get this problem taken care of ASAP.

  • Engine Temperature Warning Light

If you see this light appear, it suggests that your engine is overheated. This most likely involves your antifreeze (also called coolant), but it can take place for other factors. It is essential to solve this immediately to avoid added problems.

  • Traction Control Light

This suggests that your car’s traction system control is activated. The grip control system utilizes your anti-lock brake system to identify if one wheel is turning much faster than another. If it discovers that a wheel is sliding, it makes use of the brakes till it brings back grip. This is most practical if you are driving in rain or snow.

  • Anti-Lock Brake Warning Light

This light suggests that something is wrong with your vehicle’s anti-lock brake system. Anti-lock brakes keep your car touching the road safely, so it is necessary to get this problem looked at immediately.

  • Traction Control Malfunction

This light suggests that your car’s traction control system might have a broken or damaged sensor, or some other breakdown.

  • Check Engine Light

This light could suggest a number of things, such as a loosened gas cap, trouble with your transmission, overheating or reduced oil pressure, or something else. If the light is unfading, it is usually not a reason for prompt alarm (however, you have to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop as soon as you can). If the light flashes, however, this indicates a major trouble and you must stop driving immediately.

  • Battery Alert

This light indicates that there is a problem with your automobile’s battery. However, the issue may not be with the battery itself. It can suggest that you have a loosened up or damaged booster cable, or that your generator belt is damaged. If the concern is your battery, you’ll start to observe that your clock is fading or your headlights are dimming. If you wait too long, your automobile can completely conk out. This is what has occurred when you see fellow drivers “jumping” each other’s vehicles.

  • Washer Fluid Indicator

This light means that you are short on washer fluid and need to acquire a refill as quickly as you can.

If several of your dashboard lights switch on, you can bring your car or truck to KEAN Auto Services in Courtenay for an efficient and precise diagnosis on what the trouble with your automobile is. We can also execute the ideal services your vehicle needs.

Your Trusted Shop for Auto Diagnostics

If something is wrong with your car and/or several of your dashboard lights turns on, do not hesitate to bring your car or truck right into KEAN Auto Services in Courtenay today. We work with service technicians that recognize the source of your auto problems and also who use the most up to date tools as well as modern technology to quickly evaluate the trouble with your car. We have been taking care of vehicles since 1971 and have a dedication to customer service. Here are some reasons that you must choose us:

  • What we quote is what you’ll pay when you pick up your car. We won’t perform any additional services without asking you first.
  • Our location is convenient; we are one block away from Walmart, Winners, London Drug and many other stores.
  • We are a family-owned business and we base our customer service on family values.

Do not disregard any problems with your car, bring it to our experts at KEAN Auto Services in Courtenay. Arrange a visit with us online or give us a phone call at 250-897-3643.

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