Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission is in charge of ensuring the correct amount of power goes to your wheels to drive at a given rate. Comparable to gears on a bike, a transmission will change you to a higher gear when you accelerate and will change to a lower gear when you decelerate. A transmission has its own assigned fluid that ensures all the gears are spinning efficiently. It is essential to get this liquid checked regularly to guarantee your transmission is functioning properly.

Precisely how does a transmission work?

The power created by your car’s engine initially streams through the transmission before it reaches your wheels. The transmission manages the torque offered to the drive wheels for various driving conditions. This is why you might change gears when you are driving uphill; your vehicle will call for a great deal a lot more torque in order for it to go up the hill successfully.

While both automated and manual cars have a transmission, we will be focusing on manual transmissions below. Manual transmissions contain an input as well as output shaft, that are attached by a counter shaft. A three-speed system will certainly have 3 gears; 2 of these gears will be active at any given time depending on the gear your automobile is in. This system gets a lot more intricate with the more gear selections your car has.

Just how do I comprehend if my auto requires a transmission repair service?

We at KEAN Auto Services in Courtenay recommend changing your auto’s transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 kms. Some signs that something is wrong with your transmission consist of:

  • There is a grinding or shaking sensation in gear.

If your car or truck grinds or trembles when you change gears, there is a concern with your transmission. This problem usually becomes worse with time, so it is best practice to bring your automobile to an auto repair shop as soon as you observe this issue.

  • Your automobile makes whining or clunking noises.

These noises typically indicate your transmission liquid is wearing down or there is an interior problem with your transmission.

  • Your car or truck will not engage when in gear.

If there is a delay in your auto reacting when you change gears, your transmission fluid can be wearing down or there may be a difficulty with your car’s computer system. If neither of these factors are the problem, there is a problem with your transmission.

  • You find a burning scent originating from your vehicle.

This burning odor that more than likely your transmission liquid getting warm, which can occur when there is not adequate transmission liquid in your car (which could indicate a leak) or the wrong kind of transmission liquid is in your auto.

  • Your “Check Engine” light turns on.

While this could suggest a selection of things, turning your “Check Engine” light is your car’s computer system’s method of telling you there is an issue, which can be with your transmission.


Your transmission is vital to a risk-free driving experience, so when the moment comes to get it fixed, you can bring your car to KEAN Auto Services. Serving residents of Courtenay, Cumberland and others, our leading purpose is to supply top-quality client service and repair work services to every consumer, daily.

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If you are having an issue with your transmission, KEAN Auto Services in Courtenay is your place to go. Our team of highly-trained technicians have decades of combined experience and are experts in all things auto repair. Here are some reasons you can trust us:

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